Setup Mumara + Pmta Full Email System

What is Mumara? 
Mumara is an advanced level web based Email Marketing/Blasting solution which enables the user to send high speed unlimited emails with custom criteria. Mumara includes everything which is required to a perfect mailer from sending to tracking. It allows you to manage your subscription lists and keep them categorized according to your requirement. It is built using highly optimized techniques which make the performance go unbelievably fast.

What is Pmta?
PowerMTA™(Pmta) from SparkPost is the email delivery software of choice for professional senders. It delivers industry leading performance, unsurpassed reliability, and a rich feature set for optimal deliverability. PowerMTA™ is what powers email delivery at Adestra, Mailkit, Emarsys, MailChimp, Microsoft and many other ESPs..
Any Email marketing system consists of two parts:

  • The sender: (SMTP service) this is the technical part. It allows you to send emails over the internet. (In our case PMTA).
  • The Management Application, where you can configure and manage your Email Lists, Marketing Campaigns, monitor and analyze results, manage your sending servers, and so on. (In our case MUMARA)

So we connect both together to get an Email Marketing System.

What do you get from Us?
A fully configured email marketing system with Pmta as the SMTP server and Mumara is the management application with a 10/10 sending score. (As long as there are no issues from your provider’s side)
Note you will not have the emails arrive in the inbox right away, you still have to do your job of warming up the server. You can download our Exclusive warmup Guide from here.

Also, note that after providing you with the system, we are not responsible for any maintenance or support unless we provide you with a non-working system.

Estimated Delivery Time: 5 days.

Requirements: *

  • Access to a  2 VPS Machine with Centos7 installed on it. You can get a VPS From Contabo Web Service or any provider with port  25 Open, making sure the IPs can have a PTR record set.
  • Domain name with access to DNS Management Zone.

If you want us to do the job, please send us an email to for more details.

Get 3 months of additional Technical Support for any technical issue you face on your servers. (This is not a consultation service)

3 Months Technical Support = $135.00

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$189.00 $169.00

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