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What is Email Validation?
Simply, Email Validation or Verification (List Cleaning) is a process to check if the email address exists or not, is it a real email address or not? and this is very important in email marketing.

Don’t let bounce, disposable, spam-trap, and deactivated emails decrease your sending reputation, waste your time and money. 30% of emails go bad in just one year. If over 10% of your emails are bad, then less than 44% are delivered.
With this Service, you can Validate Your Emails Lists and get a detailed report about your emails with the best accuracy (up to 98%) and cheapest prices.

This Service Starts With at Least 50K Emails. if you have a smaller email list, we are sorry not to accept your order.

If Your List is OLD & contains Many Yahoo Emails, we don’t recommend validating since you may notice a High Bounce rate, This is due to the recent deactivation of old email accounts by Yahoo.

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